Vehicle ID

Track 2002 Receiver

The T2002 receiver is functionally equivalent to the T100 system. The advantage lies in the smaller receiver that fits easily into roller door controller housings.
T2002 receivers provide a simple contact closure in response to the code transmitted by any equipped vehicle over the antenna loop. Non-equipped vehicles are ignored by the receiver.

Product codes

401FT0222 - T2002 Rx (Code 2) - 24V DC

Front Panel Indicators: Red LED – Power on, Yellow LED  – Transmitter detected, Green LED – Valid code
Demodulation method:  Phase locked loop demodulator
Transient Input protection: Isolation transformer & Diode clamping
Antenna: Standard Induction detector loop 10 μH to 1000μH (Cannot “share” loop with an inductive vehicle detector)
Loop Feeder: Maximum 300metres with a twisted pair cable, 0.5mm square cross section, copper, multi strand
Output Serial configuration: RS232 and 34bit Wiegand
Power: 24 V DC ± 10% (2.4 VA max)
Size of housing: 76mm (H) X 40mm (W) X 78mm (L) – excluding mating connectors
Mounting: shelf mount or DIN Rail socket
Connector: 11 Pin loop detector format connector
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C