Track 2002 Transmitter

The T2002 is functionally equivalent to the T100 system and comprises or a transmitter located on the underside of the vehicle and a receiver using a road loop as a receiving antenna.  The advantage lies in the smaller receiver that fits easily into roller door controller housings. The T100 & T2002 transmitters are not interchangeable.

Product codes

480FT0221 - T2002 (Code2) Transmitter 11 - 40V dc

Transmitter frequency: 133 kHz (carrier)
Coding method: Factory set 32-bit batch code
Coupling to Rx antenna: Inductive transformer action
Reading height:  0.1 – 1.2 metres within 30° of horizontal
Power: 11 to 40V DC @10mA max.
Physical size:  Transmitter is cone shaped . Base diameter = 85mm & Height of cone = 87mm
Mounting: Single bolt mounting 20mm
Material: Polypropylene – injection moulded
Cable: 2 core – 1.5 metres length
Operating temperature:  -40°C to +80°C