PD272 / PD274 Dual Channel Hybrid Vehicle Detector

This hybrid model provides the standard features found on the existing PD230 range as well as A.F.S. (Automatic Frequency Selection) found on the PD260 range. This feature ensures less set up time, thus simplifying the installation of complex multi-lane access control sites. Furthermore this ensures a low cost of ownership, complimented by a full 5-year manufactures warranty.


Specific Features:

AFS: The Automatic Frequency Selection allows the ability to automatically select the best frequency setting by minimizing the noise and maximize the signal strength.

Diagnostics: Comprehensive diagnostics capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems with Nortech’s DU100 or DU700 (YouTube video – PD270 & DU700)

Configurable A-B Logic: The A-B Logic functionality has now been incorporated in the front panel switch.

Selectable Permanent Presence: The output of the presence relay can be selected to maintain an output for an indefinite period, eliminating premature barrier,  gate or door closure.

Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB): Facilitates the reliable detection of all vehicle combinations and high-bed vehicles by boosting the sensitivity to maximum after detection of a vehicle.

A.F.S. Override: The option to override the A.F.S function is possible and replaced with the option to select either one of two options.

Pulse and Presence: Each relay can be independently set to provide a Pulse or Presence output.

Product codes

307FT0201 - PD272 Nortech 240V AC

307FT0202 - PD274 Nortech 12-24V AC/DC

Self tuning range: 20-1000μH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable on face-plate. Ranging from 0.01% ΔL/L to 1% ΔL/L with ASB override option
Frequency: Automatic with AFS or manual with High/low adjustable on face plate. 12- 80kHz (frequency determined by switch setting and loop geometry)
Output Configuration: 1 output relay per channel (operates in pulse or Presence mode – Fail secure or Fail safe)
Pulse output duration: Approx. 150ms (Factory option 250ms)
Presence Time: Selectable – limited or permanent presence. (Limited-presence 1 hour for 3% ΔL/L)
Output modes:
1. Presence or pulse outputs are independently selectable for CH 1 and CH2
2. Direction logic output – A to B (CH1) & B to A (CH2).

Indications: The following face-plate indications are provided:
Single power LED’s plus individual channel LED’s
1. Tuning-on (fast flash while tuning)
2. Undetect- LED off.
3. Detect – LED on steady
4. Fault memory – slow flash (manual reset required to restore)

Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power requirements: 240V AC ± 15% 48-60Hz (PD272) / 12-24V AC/DC ± 15% (PD274)  – 1.5VA max @ 230V
Output Relays: 1A @ 230V AC

Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +70ºC
Material: High heat ABS blend
Dimensions: 78(H) x 41(W) x 80(L)mm
Mounting: Shelf or DIN-rail socket
Connector: Single rear mount 11-pin submagnal (JEDEC No. B11-88)
Options: 1 metre flying lead or 11-pin screw terminal base