Track 100 Transmitter

The TRACK vehicle transmitter is a vehicle battery powered device that is fitted to the undercarriage of the vehicle. T100 vehicle transponders transmit a secure code to identify an equipped vehicle at vehicle speeds up to 120km/h.


  • Traffic priority applications for emergency vehicles and public transport at intersections, tolls and rising bollards
  • Industrial access control for trucks, forklifts and fleet vehicles

Product codes

436FT0100 - T100 Transmitter 11 - 40V dc

Carrier Frequency: 133 kHz Long term stability within 1% of factory preset.
Modulation method:  FM (deviation ± 600 Hz)
Coupling to Rx antenna: Inductive transformer action
Harmonic Content:

2nd = – 60dBc
3rd = – 48dBc
4th = – 86dBc
5th = – 57dBc
>6th = -<60dBc

No. of Codes: 1 (one)Code 1 = 1847Hz
Reading height: 2 metres on MAX sensitivity / 0.8 meters on MIN sensitivity
Power: 11 to 40V DC @ 10mA max.
Mechanical Data:  Transmitter is cone shaped with base diameter = 85 mm and height of cone = 87 mm
Mounting: Single bolt mounting 20mm
Material: Polypropylene – injection moulded
Cable: 2 core – 1.5 metres length
Operating temperature:  -10°C to +70°C
Option: Transmitter Mounting Bracket