TD624ES Four Channel Eurocard Vehicle Detector

The TD624 is a high performance, 4 channel, Eurocard format, microprocessor based vehicle detector.
This purpose designed traffic detector has been developed for general purpose vehicle monitoring and counting in motorways applications. The TD624ES employs the latest SMT construction for increased reliability and low component count. This model complies with Australian Standard AS2703(2008) and Road Traffic Authority approvals.


  • Optimised response times to facilitate the collection of accurate speed and length measurement data.
  • Optimised Sensitivity levels are adjustable for each channel.
  • Adjustable Presence Times for operation in passage mode, limited presence or for queue detection.
  • Loop Fault Monitor provides local and remote fault output indications on an individual channel basis.
  • Sequential Polling techniques to positively eliminate cross-talk between loops
  • Serial Communication via a serial link on the rear connector for communication with a host device.
  • Optional features :
    “Anti-lock” for positive change rejection
    “Auto-retune” to protect against faulty loops in multiple loop configurations
    “Power-save” mode that disables front-panel indications.

Product codes

878FT0070 - TD624ES - 12-24V DC

Self tuning range: 20-1000µH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable on face-plate:
High: 0.02% ΔL/L
Medium High: 0.06% ΔL/L
Medium Low: 0.12% ΔL/L
Low: 0.24% ΔL/L
Frequency: Four step adjustable on face plate,
20- 140kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration: One presence output per channel
Presence time: Four step adjustable on face-plate:
1.5 seconds
4 minutes
35 minutes (Limited by %∆L/L)
Response Times: Turn-on 40 ms ±2.4ms
Turn-off 45ms ± 2.4ms
Recovery ± 80ms
Indications: The following face-plate indications are provided per channel:
1 red – detect
1 red – fault
PCB switch selection: 1. Card address for serial communication
2. Anti – locking enable
3. Auto – retune enable
4. Power – save
Protection: Loop isolation transformers, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power requirements: 12 – 40V DC 100 m.a. max input current
Fault Outputs: Common open collector operates under conditions of a Loop short / open circuit
Detect Outputs: Individual open collector, turns off for vehicle presence.
Solid State Outputs : Isolated current sink (reverse voltage protection –
50 m.a. @ 50V DC
Serial Communication:
Data Rate – 9600 bps
Data Bits – 8
Start Bits – 1
Stop Bits – 1
Parity – none
Format – binary Level – TTL
Handshaking – none
Operating temperature range : -40ºC to +80ºC
Humidity: up to 95% without condensation
Mechanical detail:
Eurocard Dimensions: 160mm x 100mm
Face-plate: 25mm (wide)
Connector: 2 x 32 row pin card edge connector (DIN 41612 type B)