Track 200 Transmitter

The TRACK system uses a conventional inductive loop as an in-ground antenna and a specialised receiver to provide an advanced vehicle identification system up to 120km/h. Track 200 allows for the broadcast of 4 codes from the vehicle. These are useful for providing “state” information (ie “full/empty” or “inbound/outbound/out-of-service”) to a vehicle priority or process management system.


  • Traffic priority applications such as emergency vehicle or public transport priority at traffic intersections, tolls, rising bollards etc
  • Selective access control applications
  • Industrial automation applications such as automation of mining or loading processes

Product codes

436FT0200 - Track 200 Transmitter 11-40V DC

Transmitter Frequency: 133 kHz (carrier)
Modulation method:  FM (deviation ± 600 Hz)
Coupling Inductive to Rx antenna:  Transformer action
Harmonic Content: 2nd = – 60dBc /3rd = – 48dBc /4th = – 86dBc / 5th = – 57dBc / >6th = -<60dBc

No. of Codes: 4 (four)
Code 1 = 1847 Hz
Code 2 = 1511 Hz
Code 3 = 1279 Hz
Code 4 = 1108 Hz

Coding Method: Two additional wires allow selection of the 4 codes
Reading height:  2 metres on Max sensitivity 0.8 meters on Min sensitivity
Power: 11 to 40V DC @ 10mA max.
Physical Data: Transmitter is cone shaped. Base diameter = 85 mm & height of cone = 87 mm
Mounting: Single bolt mounting 20mm
Material: Polypropylene – injection moulded
Cable: 4 core – 1.5 metres length
Operating temperature:  -10°C to +70°C
Option: Transmitter Mounting Bracket