CX100 Access Controller

The CX100 is a low cost solution for control of a single access point.
The ability to sense automatically sense 26 or 34 bit Wiegand or 8 / 10 digit Clock & Data readers ensures single item stock and minimal installation problems.
A portable data backup facility enables convenient database backup and replication. An easy to use menu structure allows easy maintenance of the database and customisation of user options.

This unit may be used with Nortech’s Proximity and Track 2000 products to create an effective stand-alone access control system. Access tags / cards may be programmed by presentation to the controller or via the programming keys.

Product codes

480FT0401 - CX100 Controller (Sequential Users) 12-24V AC/DC

480FT0405 - CX100 Controller (Random Users) 12-24V AC/DC

Card Capacity: 10,000 sequential ID codes

Memory: Non–volatile  (retains user and system information)

Database backup: Portable plug in module used to store and transfer user database and configuration (optional)

Dimensions: (mm) 83 x 1090 x 33 ( W x H x D )

Supply voltage: 12 – 24 volts AC or DC, non polarised @ 1.5 VA

Reader power supply: Provides 6V (± 10%), 100 mA for reader

Output relay: Potential free change-over contact 2A at 30V DC . Programmable “on” time 1 to 30 seconds

Reader Control: Open collector output, low when card is read. (Buzzer control)

Connections: 12 way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch

Display: 8 character by two line LCD

Controls: 4 button; Mode, Enter, Up and Down

Arming input: normally low (reference 0VDC), open (no connection) to arm reader

Request to Exit: normally high (no-connection), low >0.5 seconds to activate output relay