Conditions of Sale

Issued February 2016.

1. Prices quoted exclude GST that will be added to Invoices at the ruling rate.
2. All prices are subject to changes without notice unless a specific validity date is stated on a price list or in a written offer for supply of the goods in question.
3. Volume Discounts when offered apply to individual item quantities in any nominated delivery or annual purchase. These discounts may be withdrawn without notice if the agreed quantities are not purchased.
4. All prices are based upon the exchange rate published by the Reserve Bank on the date of issue of a price list or quotation, any variation in excess of 2% may be recovered without prior notice on the price of goods invoiced. This does not apply where a firm price is quoted in a written offer made by the Company..
5. A component of the price is based upon the Customs Duty rulings as at the date of issue of price lists or quotations. Any variation in these duties may be recovered without prior notice on the price of goods invoiced.
6. Where a specific delivery date is quoted, this may be revised without penalty when conditions apply beyond the reasonable control of the Company. (e.g. Flight delays, Industrial Strike, Act of God, civil commotion etc.).
7. The cost of delivery is not included in any prices quoted unless specifically advised on the price list or in a written offer for supply of the goods in question. Freight will be added at cost to the invoice, or charged separately to an account.
8. A 12 month Warranty from date of delivery is offered against faulty workmanship or materials, except where a longer term is advised in a written offer for supply of the goods in question. Items for return under warranty are to be returned to the Company at the customer’s expense. Equipment returned under warranty may be repaired or exchanged at our discretion. Equipment found not to be faulty will be returned to the customer, and not replaced with new equipment or credited. Goods repaired or exchanged under warranty will be returned to a customer at our expense.
9. Warranty specifically excludes any on site service obligation or liability for any 3rd party equipment malfunction or damage, and excludes damage by fire, electrocution, accident, misuse, or abuse, or other cause beyond the normally intended use of the product.
10. Trading Terms: The applicable trading terms are indicated on the Invoice supplied with the goods, except where specifically varied in a written offer or quotation. The invoice will be sent with the goods. The Company reserves the right to add an administration charge of $2.50 for each $100.00 to any overdue account.
11. Title to the goods shall not pass to the purchaser until all monies owing to the supplier in respect of those goods have been paid. Accordingly, any sale of those goods by the purchaser to a third party shall be made by the purchaser as an agent for the supplier, and the sale proceeds will be held in trust for the supplier, as it’s property.
12. In the event of default by the purchaser, the Company (or its authorised representative) may enter into the premises on which the goods are stored and repossess any goods already delivered whether or not title in such goods has passed to the purchaser.
13. Any variation from these General Conditions may only be accepted if there is a specific agreement made in writing between the seller and purchaser. An order placed with the Company following a quotation incorporating these General conditions of Sale will assume the acceptance of these conditions.