GD200 Dual Channel Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector

A compact detector specifically intended for controlling motorized doors and gates. Provides selectable Fail Safe / Fail secure operation and offers presence relay outputs with an option of a pulse output on the second channel.
The GD200 operates from a 24V AC/DC supply and is designed for DIN Rail mounting. The possibility of cross-talk (interference) between adjacent loops / detectors can be eliminated with the frequency settings.

Product codes

202FT0001 - GD200 - 24V AC/DC

Self tuning range: 20 -1500μH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable on face-plate
High: 0.02% ΔL/L
Medium High: 0.05% ΔL/L
Medium Low: 0.1% ΔL/L
Low: 0.5% ΔL/L

Frequency: Two step adjustable on face plate, 12- 80kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration: 2 output relays that can operate in pulse (Ch2 only), presence or A-B logic modes
Pulse output duration: Approx. 250ms (factory option 150ms)
Presence time: 1 hour for 3% ΔL/L and permanent presence option
Operating Modes: Selector on face-plate
1. Direction logic
2. Pulse output (Ch2)

Red LED – power
Green LED – channel indicator
1. Tuning – on steady in Presence mode
2. Alternating flash in AB logic mode

Protection: Loop isolation transformer RFI filtering, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power Requirements: 24V AC/DC ±10% (1.5VA max)
Output Relays: 0.5A@30V AC/DC  N.O. contacts. (N/C option)
Fail safe/ Fail Secure: Standard is fail-safe
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +80ºC
Material: High heat ABS blend
Dimensions: 97mm (L), 82mm (W), 33mm (H)
Mounting: DIN Rail mounting
Connector: Screw terminals with plug-able loop inputs
Feig VEK M2H