IR100 Intelligent Vehicle Detector

Nortech Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Equipment provides a system to acquire, real-time Traffic Data relating to vehicle volumes, occupancy and speed.

The Hardware making up the “Intelligent Vehicle Loop Detector” unit comprises of a number of modules designed to be accommodated in a standard 19″ card cage.
They comprise of multi-channel detector cards, the SC600E processor and communications module and a PS224B Power-supply and battery charger module.

Outstations are typically installed every 500 meters along major arterials to provide early warning of traffic congestion and accidents


  • Multi – Lane Data – The IR100 can monitor 24 loops (or 12 lanes in speed measurement mode) at vehicle speeds to 200kmH.
  • Time tagged or Average Data – The IR100 will accurately time -stamp (100μS resolution) individual loop data or provide average flow data relating to traffic volume, speed, headway and % occupancy
  • Internal Communications bus – The processor card communicates serially with the detector cards to facilitate remote detector card configuration and diagnostics
  • External Serial Port – RS232 (point – point) and RS485 multi-drop communications options available at Baud rates from 2400 to 38,400.
  • Built in battery charger – The equipment power supply has an integral charger for a 12V standby battery and auxiliary 12V supply for communications modems.
  • Reliable / low maintenance – The IR100 equipment has an enviable field record for long service / low maintenance.
  • Equipment approvals – The IR100 equipment fully complies with European and Australian standards for EMC, Electrical safety and environmental immunity.

TD624ES Detector

Tuning Range: 20-1000μH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable on face-plate.
Max = 0.02%, Min = 0.24%ΔL/L
Presence Time: Four step adjustable on face-plate
3.5 seconds, 4 minutes, 40 minutes, indefinite (limited by ΔL/L).
Response  Times: Turn on = 40ms +/-2.4ms  Turn off = 45ms +/-2.4ms
Recovery +/-80ms
Detect Outputs: Solid state opto-isolated open  collector. (“On” = detect)
Fault Outputs: Open collector per channel operates under Loop short / open circuit conditions.
Indications: 2 LED per channel, 1 Red – Detect, 1 Red – Fault
Loop Protection: Isolation transformers, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power Requirements:  9V DC – 40V DC,  1.8VA (max)@24 V DC
Serial Coms: TTL level Tx and Rx @9600 bps.

SC600E – Communications / Processor

Front Panel indications:  Red LED : “Event”  Red LED : “Active” (flashing) Fault Status 2 x LED Serial
Internal Interface – 2 x LED Tx / Rx
External Interface – 2 x LED Tx / Rx
Address switch: Address 0 – F
Data rate switch:  data rates from 9600 – 38400 bps
Comms  mode: The RS232 or RS485mode is set on a PCB mounted DIP-switch
Reset: depressing the reset switch on the front panel resets the SC600E
Internal Serial Data rate: 1200 – 115200 Baud
Interface: Data bits – 8, Start bits – 1, Stop bits – 1, Parity – None
Power Requirements: 9V DC – 40V DC  3.6VA (max.)@t 24V DC

PS224B Power Supply

Supply voltage:  240V AC ± 10%
Power Outputs: +24V DC@800 mA ± 0.5V
+12 V DC@400mA ± 0.8V
+13.8V DC@600mA (Battery charging)
Monitor limits: Charger Fail alarm < 15mA.
Low battery alarm < 11.5 V DC
Low battery disconnect < 10.8 V DC
Front panel Indications:  Mains power available, Equipment power on, Charger power available
Optional 24v Battery Power supply

Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +65ºC
Mechanical Details: 
Dimensions: Eurocard, 160mm x 100mm
Face-plate: 25mm (wide)
Material: Polypropylene – injection molded.
Connectors: 2 x 32-pin card edge, (DIN 41612 type B)
XL 1000 XL1000 upgrade