PD139 Single Channel Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector

This is an open card version suitable for door and gate controllers with Molex connectors. This model includes all the features available on the PD130 detector but with low current pulse and presence relays.

Please Note: Limited stock available

Product codes

301FT0130 - PD139 - 24V DC

Self tuning range:  20 -1500μH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable –

High: 0.02% ΔL/L
Medium High: 0.05% ΔL/L
Medium Low: 0.1% ΔL/L
Low: 0.5% ΔL/L
Frequency: Four step adjustable, 12- 80kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration: 2 output relays:
Configuration Relay 1 = Presence output
Relay 2 = Pulse output
Pulse output duration: Approx. 150ms (factory option 250ms)
Presence time: 1 hour for 3% ΔL/L and permanent presence option
Operating modes:

1. Limited / permanent presence
2. Pulse on detect/undetect
3. Automatic Sensitivity Boost off/on
4. Filter off/on (2 second delay)

Indications: The following indications are provided:
Red LED – power
Green LED – channel indicator

1. Tuning – on steady followed by flashing frequency count (x 10 kHz)
2. Undetect – indicator off
3. Detect – on steady
4. Fault – on with short off

Reset: Push button on PCB or external
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power requirements: 24V DC ±15 % (option: 12V DC for Bulwark equipment)
Presence Output Relay: 1A @ 230V AC change-over contacts (fail-safe)
Pulse relay: 1A @ 230V AC change-over contacts (non-fail-safe)
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +80ºC
Mounting:  Pillar or plug-in mounting
Connector: 10-pin 3.9mm centre side entry female PCB connector for 1.4 sq. mm pins (#2145/AA 10A)
Option: 1 metre flying lead