TD282 / TD284 Dual Channel Programmable Detector

Unlike Nortech’s traditional detectors the relay outputs are not dedicated to a specific channel but may be configured to operate in the exact manner required by the user and linked to either of the detector’s channels. They can be set to activate on detect, fault, master fault, AB-Logic forward event and AB-Logic reverse event.
If the loops are in a paired configuration, there are additional options of activating the output on Undetect, Speed Threshold Violation, Length Threshold Violation and Headway Violation. This allows the unit to activate external devices for the following dynamic warnings:

  • Too fast
  • Too close
  • Slow traffic ahead
  • Long vehicle ahead

These units require the DU800 for detector configuration and installation feedback with any iOS or Android device. This eliminates the need to adjust any mechanical interfaces once the unit has been installed.
The TD28x series features a synchronisation bus which allows for multiple detectors connected to this bus to be synchronised. When detectors are synchronised, it ensures that the same channels of the detectors on this bus gets energised at the same time. Synchronisation of channel multiplexing reduces crosstalk and noise from adjacent loops.

Product codes

308FT4202 - TD284 Dual Channel/ 2 programmable relay outputs 12-24V AC

308FT4204 - TD284 Dual Channel/ 3 programmable opto outputs 12-24V AC

Self-tuning range: 20μH to 1000μH
Sensitivity: 0.01% ΔL/L to 5% ΔL/L
Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ABS): Automatic  or select from 6 frequency bands 30 – 150kHz (Frequency is determined by loop geometry)
Automatic Frequency Selection Automatically evaluates all frequency bands on start-up and selects the most suitable in the given environment based on signal strength and noise.
Response time: Detect < 30 ms ±1ms Undetect < 30ms ±1ms
Fault detection: Open circuit and short circuit
Presence time: Permanent or limited selectable, with optional timeout on both
Drift compensation: Incorporated method of tracking changes caused by environmental conditions at a rate approximating 1% ΔL/L per minute. Anti-locking Incorporated algorithm accommodates the influence of positive inductance changes to avoid detector lock-up.
Outputs: Outputs are fully programmable with options for presence or pulse. Each output also has a configurable Filter, Delay and Extend option.
Number of outputs: Two options available
• 2x Relays with NO, NC and COM connections exposed
• 3x Optically isolated outputs
Output mode: Fail Safe or Fail Secure
Output assignment: Fully configurable. Outputs can also be linked to any input.
Rated operating voltage: 90 – 240V AC ±10% (50/60Hz) – TD282 models and 12 – 24V AC/DC ±10% – TD284 models
Power consumption:
@12V DC : < 2.2W – with a DU800 connected
@24V DC : < 2.0W – with a DU800 connected
Opto Output:
@12V DC : < 3.6W – with a DU800 connected
@24V DC : < 2.8W – with a DU800 connected