Vehicle ID

Track 2000 Receiver

The TRACK system uses a conventional inductive loop as an in-ground antenna and a specialised receiver to provide an advanced vehicle identification system at speeds up to 200km/h
T2000 receivers provide a serial output indicating the unique vehicle tag code in RS232C and 34-bit Weigand format.


  • Public Transport Tracking (Tram & Bus location systems)
  • Industrial Access control applications
  • Industrial Automation applications
  • Fleet tracking
  • Depot management systems

Product codes

401FT0202 - T2000 Rx 34 bit weigand / RS232 - 24V DC

Front Panel Indicators: Red LED – Power on, Yellow LED  – Transmitter detected, Green LED – Valid code
Demodulation method:  Phase locked loop demodulator
Transient Input protection: Isolation transformer & Diode clamping
Antenna: Standard Induction detector loop 10 μH to 1000μH (Cannot “share” loop with an inductive vehicle detector)
Loop Feeder: Maximum 300metres with a twisted pair cable, 0.5mm square cross section, copper, multi strand
Output Serial configuration: RS232 and 34bit Wiegand
Power: 24 V DC ± 10% (2.4 VA max)
Size of housing: 76mm (H) X 40mm (W) X 78mm (L) – excluding mating connectors
Mounting: shelf mount or DIN Rail socket
Connector: 11 Pin loop detector format connector
Operating Temperature: -10°C to +70°C