DU100 Hand held diagnostic unit

The DU100 hand-held test instrument provides advanced diagnostic capabilities for use with all the latest Nortech inductive loop vehicle detectors. This device provides installation and service personnel with positive verification of the correct operation of a vehicle detector installation.

The DU100 test unit extracts data from the vehicle detector by optical link. No inconvenient diagnostics plugs are necessary on the detector and this feature is protected by design patents.

Product codes

895FT0001 - DU100 (English)

Frequency Resolution: 1Hz
Sensitivity Resolution: 0,001% ΔL/L
Display Element: 2 line x 16 character LCD. Contrast: keyswitch
Keyswitch: 1 x Mode selection & 1 x Power-on/execute
Auto Power Off: 2 minutes after last operation
Optical Receiver: Detachable wand with photo-diode.
Power Supply: 4 x 1.5V AA dry cell
Battery Life: >10 hours continuous
Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC – 50ºC
Dimensions: 200mm (height) x 100mm (width) x 40mm (depth)
Weight: 380gms including batteries


Loop mode: Displays the instantaneous loop frequency and sensitivity (ΔL/L) of the currently selected channel. This mode is used to monitor actual changes as vehicles traverse the loop.
Frequency mode: Displays the original loop frequency  and the maximum frequency drift since the last detector reset.
Sensitivity mode: Displays the maximum (ΔL/Lmax) and minimum (ΔL/Lmin) inductance change recorded by the detector since the last reset.
Status mode: Indicates the current detector and loop status (tuning, detect, open circuit loop, short circuit loop etc.).
Time mode: Records the elapsed time since the last fault and indicates the cause of reset.
Crosstalk mode: Allows evaluation of a potential crosstalk situation between two loops. Ensures adequate frequency separation between various loops on a site.
Built-in self test mode: Confirms proper operation of the diagnostic unit. Includes testing of the eprom, display, key-switches and optical receiver.