PD262 / PD264 Dual Channel Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector

The prestigious PD260 range provides a totally customisable inductive loop solution primarily suited to complex multi-lane access control and counting applications. The ease-of-installation is enhanced by being able to choose optimal parameters via the on-board diagnostics. With an option to have a third relay output, the sophisticated  functionality is simplified in the ultimate parking detector.

Specific Features:

AFS: The Automatic Frequency Selection allows the ability to automatically select the best frequency setting by minimizing the noise and maximizing the signal strength.

Diagnostic Capabilities: Comprehensive built in diagnostics capabilities allow for accurate diagnosis of loop and installation problems. All the relevant information is displayed on the LCD. The following parameters can be viewed: Frequency, Inductance Change, Noise / Interference and Signal Strength. Channel counting information is also available.

Completely Configurable: The LCD menu provides customisable functionality with the choice of output variations (including A-B logic for counting purposes), frequency and sensitivity settings.

Product codes

304FT2002 - PD262D - 230V AC

304FT2004 - PD264D - 12/24V AC/DC

Self tuning range:  20-1500μH
Sensitivity: Fifteen step adjustable on LCD menu – 0.01% ΔL/L to 5% ΔL/L
Frequency: Eight step adjustable on LCD menu – 12- 80kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Filter (Delay): Eight step selectable output filter ranging from 100m.s. to 10 seconds. Relay 2 = Pulse output
Output Configuration: 2 output relays. Customisable for:
Presence on detect OR fault.
Pulse on detect OR undetect

Presence time: 1 hour for 1% ΔL/L and permanent presence option
Power Fail Memory: Selectable – infinite (refer to manual)
Indications: All diagnostic information is accessable through the LCD menu. Additional LED’s provided for power and channel status display
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection.
Power requirements:
240V AC ± 15% 48-60Hz (PD262D)
12-24V AC/DC ± 15% (PD264D)
1.5VA max@230V

Output Relays: 1A@230V AC. Change-over contacts (fail-safe)
Operating temperature range: -20ºC to +70ºC
Material: High heat ABS blend
Dimensions: 78(H) x 41(W) x 80(L)mm
Mounting: Shelf or DIN-rail socket
Connector: Single rear mount 11-pin submagnal (JEDEC No. B11-88)