PR125 Card Reader

The PR125P Proximity Readers are micro-controller based, using up-to-date technology in order to meet the requirements of a vast number of access control applications.
The integral power supply and reader electronics are encapsulated to provide reliable operation in hostile environments
Four communication options are available, allowing increased system integration flexibility


  • Cards and Keyring Tags: both Keyline Tags and PQ Cards are available as compatible access tokens.
  • Unique Code: each access token is uniquely encoded. Common batch codes are available for site codes.
  • Interfacing: readers are compatible with industry standard Wiegand, RS232 or Clock & Data communications protocols.
  • Rugged: readers are fully encapsulated to be weather and tamper resistant.
  • Activation: built-in buzzer for audible feedback to the user.
  • Display: multi-colour LED display indicates status of the card presented.

Product codes

707FT0035 - PR125P Wiegand Prox Reader 26-bit

707FT0020 - PR125 Wiegand Prox Reader 34-bit

707FT0021 - PR125 Prox Reader RS232

707FT0103 - PR125 Prox Reader RS232 ASCII

Input Protection: Tranzorb protection on power lines

Spike Filter: On all inputs. Protects against induced voltages on long input lines

Communications: Wiegand – 34 Bit or 26 Bit / Clock & Data – 10 or 8 Digit BCD /RS232 – Point-to-point Protocol /RS485 – Multidrop Protocol

Read Range: PQ Card > 100 mm / Keyline Tag > 50 mm

Power: 4.7 to 16V DC / 100 mA Maximum

Operating Frequency : 125KHz (crystal controlled)

Temperature Range:  -40°C to +85°C

Circuit Protection: The units are encapsulated for resistance to tampering and hostile environments


Housing Material: UV Resistant ABS blend
Mounting Position: Any (generally vertically at a comfortable user height)
Connections: 8 core screened cable with solder tails