TD664ES Four Channel Eurocard Vehicle Detector

The TD664ES is a high performance, 4 channel, microprocessor based detector card complying with Eurocard standards.
The enhanced operating parameters make it ideal for most traffic applications, with a serial link to communicate with a host device. The Automated Frequency Selection (AFS)  and tuning algorithm allows for quick and accurate installation, even in noisy sites.

The TD664ES Eurocard detector complies with:


TR0100A / TR2512A UK Highways Agency pin configuration for motorway use.


  • Speed monitoring in motorway application
  • Incident monitoring
  • Tolling
  • Tunnel monitoring

Product codes

878FT0202 - TD664ES

878FT0200 - TD664ID

Automatic Frequency Selection (AFS)

  • The 664 analyses 21 combinations for each channel and selects the best operating conditions.
  • Maximises performance while minimising crosstalk and interference issues.

Manual override of AFS

  • Tuning band selection – If AFS is not used then a frequency band can be specified for each channel and the detector will ensure the operating frequency is placed in that band. This gives the installer a high level of control during site commissioning.
  • Specific combo selection – The installer has the option to exactly specify which of the 21 combinations to use for each channel. This is useful for complicated sites with high levels of interference where the installer can have maximum control.

High Speed Counting Capabilities

  •  The TD664 High Speed counting core offers accurate detection on main and axle loops.
  • Quick response time and low jitter provide accurate speed and length measurement.

Variable Response Time (VTR)

  • If required, the response time can be reduced by reducing the sensitivity levels. This provides greater accuracy for speed and length measurements by reducing the response time jitter.

Skip or Dead Mode

  • Channels that have been turned off have the option to be skipped completely or have the loop de-energised for their sample period.

Remote Access

  • TD664 Software tool provides ability to configure all parameters on the detector and analyse its performance.
  • Debugging information can be gathered to analyse any issues on the detector.
  • Firmware upgradeable: the TD664 allows the unit to be updated with the latest firmware version.



Configuration Screen for TD664 – Please click for full size