Vehicle ID

Track 100 Receiver

The TRACK system uses a conventional inductive loop as an in-ground antenna and a specialised receiver to provide an advanced vehicle identification system up to 120km/h
T100 receivers provide a simple contact closure output in the presence of an equipped vehicle over the antenna loop. Non-equipped vehicles are ignored by the receiver.


  • Traffic priority applications for emergency vehicles and public transport at intersections, tolls and rising bollards
  • Industrial access control for trucks, forklifts and fleet vehicles

Product codes

436FT0102 - T100 Rx - 240V AC

Front Panel Indicators: Green LED : Power on /  Red LED : “Detect” – transmitter detected  / Red LED : “Code” – Valid code detected
Front Panel Controls:  Sensitivity selector : MIN – MED – MAX
Demodulation method: Phase locked loop demodulator
Transient Protection:  Input isolation transformer & Diode clamping
Antenna: Standard Induction detector loop 10 μH to 1000μH (Does not “share” loop with an inductive loop detector)
Loop Feeder: Maximum 300 metres with twisted pair cable, 0.5mm square cross section, copper, multi strand
Output Relay: N/O Relay Contact pair – 6A Rated at 230V AC
Output Presence Duration: Output is maintained as long as transmitter is present. One second turn-off delay to prevent spurious signals as transmitter traverses nulls
Power: 230 / 240 V AC Mains input  – 2.5 VA max
Size of Housing:  113 mm (H) X 56mm (W) X 132mm (L) – excluding mating connectors
Mounting: Free standing shelf mount
Connector: 11 Pin loop detector format connector / Mains – 3 Pin VDE plug
Operating temperature:  -10°C to +70°C