PD132 / PD134 Enhanced Single Channel Detectors

An updated, ultra dependable general purpose single channel detector available with built-in advanced diagnostic capabilities and heavy-duty 5A relays.
Options in this range include delay features / power fail memory and electrically noise immune models. Models are available for operation with 240V AC and low voltage 9 – 40 V AC/DC supplies.

These are genuine Nortech products that comply with Australian Electrical Safety standards and are NOT the cheap Chinese fakes being offered by online vendors.



  • Diagnostic Capabilities – The software of this unit allows comprehensive diagnostics capabilities in conjunction with separate DU100 hand-held diagnostics readout.
  • Selectable Permanent Presence – Using this feature, the output of the presence relay will be maintained for an indefinite period, thereby eliminating premature barrier/gate/door closure and possible vehicle damage.
  • Loop Isolation Protection – The loop isolation transformer provides protection against lightning and transient damage and allows for operation with single point to ground sensor loops.
  • Loop Frequency Indication – The possibility of crosstalk (interference) between adjacent loops/detectors can be determined by an integral indication, and eliminated by changing the frequency settings.
  • Automatic Sensitivity Boost (ASB) – This feature facilitates the reliable detection of large truck-trailer combinations and high-bed vehicles by automatically boosting the sensitivity to maximum on detection of a vehicle.
  • Detect Filter – Selection of the filter option will provide a finite turn-on delay, thus allowing small objects or moving vehicles to pass over the loop undetected.301FP0101-00

Product codes

301FT0101_01 - PD132 - 240V AC

301FT0122_01 - PD134 - 12/24V AC/DC

301FT0175_01 - PD134 Select Delay - 12/24V AC/DC (Limited stock)

Self tuning range: 20-1500µH
Sensitivity: Four step adjustable on face-plate:
High: 0.02% ΔL/L
Medium High: 0.05% ΔL/L
Medium Low: 0.1% ΔL/L
Low: 0.5% ΔL/L
Frequency: Four step adjustable on face plate,
12- 80kHz (frequency determined by loop geometry)
Output Configuration: 2 output relays:
Relay 1 = Presence output
Relay 2 = Pulse output
Pulse output duration: Approx. 150ms, Factory option 250ms
Presence time: 1 hour for 3% ΔL/L and permanent presence option
Operating modes: Four way Mode selector on face-plate
1. Limited presence/ permanent presence
2. Pulse on detect/Pulse on undetect
3. Automatic Sensitivity Boost off/on
4. Filter off/on (2 second delay)
Indications: The following face-plate indications are provided:
Red LED – power; Green LED – channel indicator
1. Tuning – on steady followed by flashing frequency count (x 10 kHz)
2. Undetect – off
3. Detect – on steady
4. Fault – on with short off
Protection: Loop isolation transformer, zener diode clamping on loop inputs and gas discharge tube protection
Power requirements: 240V AC ± 15% 48-60Hz (PD132)
12-24V AC/DC ± 15% (PD134)
1.5VA max @ 230V
Presence Output Relay: 5A @ 230V AC – Change-over contacts (fail-safe)
Pulse relay: 5A @ 230V AC – Change-over contacts (non-fail-safe)
Operating temperature range: -40ºC to +70ºC
Mechanical detail:
Material: High heat ABS blend
Dimensions: 78(H) x 41(W) x 80(L)mm
Mounting: Shelf or DIN-rail socket
Connector: Single rear mount 11-pin submagnal (JEDEC No. B11-88)
Options: 1 metre flying lead or 11 pin screw terminal Base

Training video: https://youtu.be/TWTNvdsRLlc

Faceplate number is 301FP0101_01 or 301FP0101 and this is often mistaken for the part number